If you haven’t heard of Flipron, it’s not that surprising and yet still greatly unfortunate. These Glastonbury, UK rockers have only barely made a showing in the American market with most of their notoriety coming from Alex de Campi’s clever YouTube animations, but their unique ability to spin pop tunes that find the lightness in the darkest topics (and vice versa) make them worth Googling.

Their latest album, Gravity Calling, continues their trend of quirky rock songs of love and loss. The album offers quite a few rocking tunes that hide artfully dark lyrics, including the grim love song “Mavis,” the album’s first single, “Book of Lies,” and “How It Works,” a very Zombies-esque rock throwback.

The album is not pure rock, though, offering their signature anachronistic musicality with the slow yet lively “A Scoundrel’s Apology, Almost” and the mournful yet pro-zombie tune “Zombie Blues.”

Grade: A

Gravity Calling is currently available.