Garage rock may have incubated in America, but like jazz and soul, the genre has spread far and wide. Italy’s answer to ’60s revivalism is the Mojomatics. MojoMatt (vocals, guitar and harmonica) and DavMatic (drums and percussion) make the most of exuberant mouth harp, R&B soaked guitar and lean, mean drums.

Songs such as “Wait a While” and “Miss Me When I’m Gone” sizzle with energy that will shake, rattle and roll fans of the Hives or similar nostalgia-bent bands. The 12 tracks are infused with a voodoo stew of catchy hooks and to-the-point structures (Only two cuts cross the three-minute mark.).

Head-bopping “Losin’ Time” sounds like the Byrds covering the Seeds, while craggy “Clean My Sins” evokes the Jam circa 1982. While never losing their garage rock posture, the Mojomatics also slip in blues and country influences into pendulant pieces “Askin’ for a Better Circumstance” and two-stepping “Stars Above.”


Don’t Pretend That You Know Me is currently available.