Watch out, Broadway — L.A. theatre has SERIOUSLY stepped up its game. In the explosive play, “Armstrong’s Kid,” a teacher (played by Stanley Bennett Clay) accepts a meeting from the high school student (Tory Scroggins) who falsely accused him of molestation more than a decade earlier.

The men discuss their troubled and turbulent past with one another, while confronting issues of race, love, guilt and ethics.

For Scroggins, the play is more than just an opportunity to stretch his acting chops; he is also the show’s producer. He read a copy of the work (which was penned by Clay) and lobbied to option it.

Although Clay has worked more than 40 years in the entertainment industry, “Armstrong’s Kid” marks his first return to the stage in a number of years. Of course, you would never know it. The veteran performer comes alive as a sharp-tongued and formidable opponent in the verbal sparring session he has with Scroggins’ Thaddeus.

Audiences have made the play a success, too. Its first two shows sold out and theater buffs have been loyal to it ever since.

“Armstrong’s Kid” manages to do what many films of today are too scared to attempt: displaying the multi-faceted nature of male sexuality with honesty and humor. Although the play is predicated on the homosexuality of its main character, he lives proudly in that skin — never playing the victim of his circumstances or apologizing for who he is. Hollywood could truly benefit from more writers of Clay’s ilk contributing work to big studio libraries. However, until that happens, they will have to be content with obtaining satisfaction via the stage.

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