In honor of the Roxy Theatre’s 35th anniversary, Nic Adler, founder Lou Adler’s son and the current owner, shares his favorite shows.

Stone Temple Pilots

It must have been at least 110 degrees in the club. Everyone had their clothes off. [Scott] Weiland was almost naked and was at his prime. Amazing!!!

System of a Down and Snot in ’96

The most people I had ever seen in any club ever. This show marks a change in music and the scene. From that came Incubus, Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm, etc. Nu metal had arrived.


This was the first time DJs put on a full-blown rock show. No longer were DJs stuck in an out of the way “DJ booth.” MSTRKFRT was front and center on stage, and kids were losing their minds. Stage diving, moshing, fist pumping. I knew that day music was changing again.

Rage Against the Machine Sound Check

I had to leave to New York but was able to see sound check. Best sound check I have ever seen. Heard the show was better.

Steel Pulse

Hands down the best reggae show at the Roxy in the last 20 years (Bob Marley was the best, but I wasn’t there.).

Jane’s Addiction ’97

Everybody was in the house, and to this day, anyone who was there puts this show in their top 10.

Ozzy, Slayer, Primus and SOAD

All in one night? ’Nuff said.

Amy Winehouse

Felt like you were watching something you might not see again.

Jay-Z and Linkin Park Mash-Up

Wow. If you don’t know, watch the DVD. He really is the best rapper alive.


I will never forget it. What an honor to see this show.

Other Notables

Duran Duran, Gnarls Barkley, Mickey Avalon, Crystal Castles, Tenacious D, Michael Buble, Pussycat Dolls, Shwayze.

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