I happen to believe that there is someone for everyone. It doesn’t matter how strange, lonely or unlovable one fancies him or herself to be, there’s a person out there who can relate.

You can call me a romantic, and perhaps I am, but my belief has more to do with common sense than flying cupids. In a world with over nine billion people in it, the odds are definitely in your favor that there’s a special someone out there who’d float your boat. The problem is finding them.

Los Angeles poses a unique challenge. It is a city bursting with diversity and cultural complexity. It’s filled with amazing people and offers a never-ending array of wonderful things to do and see, and yet it’s still hard to meet people.

With everyone locked away in their cars, the people of Los Angeles end up living fairly insular lives despite being surrounded by millions of fellow urbanites. Once you exhaust the limited dating options among friends and colleagues, you’re left with the bar scene (bleh) ... and something interesting you may not have considered: online dating.

Online dating blows open your possibilities.

I know there are still some folk who are skeptical about the whole “Internet personals thing,” but when you combine online dating and Los Angeles you get something truly magical. Why? Because by the simple act of posting a profile, you open yourself up to a whole world of unforeseen potential.

You create fresh avenues for meeting totally new people, who you would have never have otherwise encountered, who might just rock your world. And who doesn’t want their world rocked?

Los Angeles is your oyster.

In one of the many cars zipping around you right now, there is someone you ought to meet. And they’ll soon be headed to one of the many cool spots in Los Angeles – be it a restaurant, a museum, a bar or a volunteer event – that you’d undoubtedly dig.

While no one can beam you into their car, online dating can certainly help you arrive at the same destination. And that’s what online dating is all about: expanding your world to help you meet new and amazing people based on things you like to do and the places you like to go.

I’m not talking moonlit walks. I’m talking getting down at Afro Funké night at Zanzibar or attending MOCA events at the Geffen Contemporary. I’m not talking exotic travel. I’m talking dim sum in Monterey Park at Ocean Star or Tito’s Tacos in Culver City.

I’m talking about tasting, experiencing and enjoying all the good things that are happening right here and right now in Los Angeles. And, most importantly, I’m talking about you finding someone who just so happens to feel the same way.

There is someone for everyone. So go online and find them!


Chandler Evans is a co-founder of a new L.A.-based dating site called TheLEK.com, which just so happens to match people based on what they like to do and where they like to go. Coincidence? We think not.