You’re hooked up with the hottest new mp3 player on the market. Now comes the fun part: populating it with all the best jams. To follow is a list of some of the best songs ever recorded, so brush up if you’re behind or get acquainted with new bands and artists that you’ve yet to discover.


100) “Ears and Eyes” — Ipso Facto This girl group delivers creepy Brit pop with an “Addams Family” feel. “Ears and Eyes” is a sonically stunning song that dares the senses, figuratively and literally.

99) Everything Is Borrowed” — The Streets Mike Skinner lays it down on the philosophy tip with this sweeping ode to existentiality. With its orchestral arrangement and sick beats, you’ll be pondering his lyrics and shakin’ that thang at the same time.

98) “God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me” — CocoRosie So delicious you’ll feel like you’re hearing a lullaby straight from heaven.

97) “We Own the Sky” — M83 Ponder the universe, the heavens and the Earth, as well as whose backyard we’re all truly rocking out in with this ethereal slice of electronica.

96) “The Lines You Amend” — Sloan Snap your fingers and clap your hands as you listen to these Canucks sing a weirdly joyful tune about death.

95) “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” — The Helio Sequence Get a little help walking the straight and narrow with this college radio favorite. And don’t forget to focus!

94) “Let Love Rule” — Lenny Kravitz Since everything is cyclical, your hot pink Ray-Bans and neon leggings are so five minutes ago. When the retro looks of the ’70s and ’90s find their way back to the forefront, you’ll want to have this song handy to go with your JLo hat and bellbottoms.

93) “Sometimes Salvation” — The Black Crowes This song marks the best of neo-Southern rock. With a video featuring a young Sofia Coppola, “Sometimes Salvation” is a phenomenal jam to help cure one’s addiction to excess.

92) “Falling Down” — Scarlett Johansson ScarJo’s cover of the Tom Waits staple was crucified by some, but for those with taste, it is to be appreciated for its Nico-esque melancholy.

91) “The Wind” — Cat Stevens Wind is a powerful metaphor for youthful wanderlust. Steven’s philosophical ballad is a tearjerker, but there’s a ton of peaced-out advice in there.

90) “Someone Great” — LCD Soundsystem Mourning never sounded so cool.

89) “There Is a Mountain” — Donovan The Scottish singer’s melodic classic teaches the importance of regeneration, renewal and nature.

88) “Hoover Dam” — Sugar Troubadour Bob Mould sings about the mighty and triumphant structure as if it were the cure for what ails mankind.

87) “The Gambler” — Kenny Rogers There’s a lot of wisdom behind this country standard. To hold ’em or fold ’em, that is the question.

86) “Jump They Say” — David Bowie It could be about a skydiver. Or maybe it’s about Christianity and following false idols. No matter what you believe, it’s a searing hot dance song.

85) “Born Secular” — Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins Try a Bible hymn for the non-believer. Lewis strikes a perfect note while questioning the validity of her Christian roots.

84) “Green Jewelry” — Childballads Former Jonathan Fire*Eater frontman Stewart Lupton takes an allegorical stab at American gospel music. Not only is the song pretty, but it’s touching as well.


83) “Stay Monkey” — Julie Ruin You know how monkeys sit in trees and pick nits off one another? Meet the musical version of said activity.

82) “Baby Strange” — T.Rex Put on your tallest platforms and strut your fierce stuff to Marc Bolan’s sex-laden love song.

81) “Don’t Talk, Just Kiss” — Right Said Fred OK, so they may have been the poster children for buff, bald guys who love fishnet, but that shouldn’t detract from this trio’s fun, poppy ode to smooching.

80) “Beating Heart Baby” — Head Automatica Maybe it’s singer Daryl Palumbo’s gut–wrenching pleas. Perhaps it’s the upbeat whimsy of its melody. Whatever the winning ingredient, this song is SERIOUSLY infectious.

79) “Diagonals” — Stereolab Dim the lights, pop open a bottle of Pinot Noir and do the damn thing to this funky, post-modern single.

78) “I Would Die 4 U” — Prince and the Revolution The depth of “I Would Die 4 U” gets watered down by its dance-inducing beat. But when you really listen to it, it just might leave you in tears.

77) “24 Hours” — The Sundays I had one of the best make out sessions of my life to this song. If you’ve got a crush to reveal, Harriet Wheeler’s voice will make your admission memorable.

76) “House of Cards” — Radiohead Thom Yorke lays down a sweet falsetto so fierce that it’s sure to get him and all the other lazy-eyed bleeding hearts laid with just one airplay.

75) “French Vacation” — The Walkmen So technically, this song is about a guy on vacay with his homey in France. Not romantic … at all. But have you heard it? The sultry riffs and piercing beat make this one a true aphrodisiac.

74) “The Sweat Descends” — Art in Manila Behold, the sonic equivalent of foreplay!

73) “Head to Toe” — Josephine Wiggs Experience Lyrically erotic. Musically compelling. Wiggs broke away from the Breeders and crafted a song about finding home in the one you love.

72) “Tell Me Mama — Patty Duke You’ll give a great big “Aww!” when you hear Duke – the 1960s version of Miley Cyrus – sing this wholesome and adorable standard about going to mom for advice on boys.

71) “Nothing Like You and I” — The Perishers Get some major snogging done with this pretty ballad playing in the background. It celebrates coupledom without coming across too whiny.

70) “Real Love” — Mary J. Blige An oldie, but goodie, Blige’s aspirational ditty acts as a mantra for hopeless romantics.

69) “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)” — Samantha Fox Seduce your man with this amusing yet arousing late-’80s jam.

68) “Kiss You Back” — Digital Underground The creators of “The Humpty Dance” share their softer side with an equally slammin’ joint based on tonsil hockey.

67) “Lolita” — Throw Me the Statue Naughty times with fast girls finally get their own anthem.

66) “Never My Love” — The Association Lose yourself in the mod sounds of this 1960s Brit pop band. It’s the softest way to declare your affections and timely to this day.

65) “Love Is Everything” — Deee-Lite Lady Miss Kier extols the virtues of partnership in this sensuous bonus track released on the group’s 1992 album Infinity Within.

64) “Equus” — Blonde Redhead Looking for a way to tell someone you love them? Put this song from NYC’s coolest group on a mix CD for them. And don’t mind the horse/riding themes; I’m sure they’re just metaphors.


63) “Birthday” — Sugarcubes Before Björk crashed the Oscars in a swan dress, she was the head of this kickass Icelandic band. “Birthday” only references the celebrated event once but is still a classic.

62) “Happy Birthday” — Altered Images You know this song; it’s playing in the background when Samantha (Molly Ringwald) narcs herself out to Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles. Add it to your collection and create birthday memories of your own.

61) “Dick in a Box” — Andy Samberg & Justin Timberlake Some call it crude; I call it the gift that keeps on giving. This funny throwback to late-’80s/early-’90s slow jams will keep you laughing from Christmas through the New Year.

60) “All I Want for Christmas” — Mariah Carey Need some extra holiday cheer? Download this and jam your way into feel good vibes.

59) “Christmas in Hollis” — Run DMC Christmas just ain’t Christmas without a little hip-hop. The rap pioneers celebrate the most memorable aspects of the season.

58) “Give the Jew Girl Toys” — Sarah Silverman Why should Gentiles be the only ones with good holiday tunes? Silverman helps narrow the celebratory gap by holding out her hands and begging for some of the action.


57) “This Place” — Land of Lincoln Drummer Hans Lushina crafts a killer foundation to this song about loathing the phonies who make life a royal pain.

56) “I Want Pussy” — Ol’ Dirty Bastard At first listen you might not know what to think about this song, but once you take into consideration that ODB had something like 14 kids, you might understand his insistence on keeping things “no strings attached.”

55) “Unite and Win” — Sham 69 Fight the power and celebrate youthful indifference with this renowned punk band.

54) “RV” — Faith No More It’s a real bummer growing up in a trailer park. Misery loves company, and you’ll get that in this hilarious tune, ripe with dark humor.

53) “99 Problems” — Jay-Z My cinematography teacher in film school was the D.P. on this stunning video directed by Mark Romanek. As far as rap goes, it hits harder than a right hook and tells it like it is.

52) “I Can’t Do Anything Right” — Red Aunts Feeling defeated? Flip the world the bird and crank this one as loud as you can.

51) “ Super Inuit” — Holy Fuck Sure it’s noisy, but you like noise. Especially when you’re on the treadmill thinking about the obnoxious prick that cut you off on the freeway.

50) “Knocked Up” — Kings of Leon This one is your generation’s “Papa Don’t Preach.” Use it wisely.

49) “Oxford Comma” — Vampire Weekend There’s some pretty stark finger pointing in this song, but you’d never know it. It’s so darn fun and campy.


48) “Sometimes in the Fall” — Phoenix Don’t let the upbeat nature of this track fool you; singer Thomas Mars lays down the frustrations of relationship monotony and doing your best to stay in the trenches with that person.

47) “Fine Day for Sailing” — Go Sailor This is the world’s greatest “fuck you” camouflaged in a girly pop song with a nautical twist.

46) “Whipping Boy” — Ben Harper For the guy SO over his bossy lady’s nonsense, this bluesy jam is king.

45) “Never Is a Promise” — Fiona Apple Better get a hanky for this one, because you’ll need it. Apple’s tortured lyrics and pathos-rich melody may not help through the sad times, but they’ll certainly feed your sense of loss.

44) “Mystery Juice” — Sean Lennon It’s the first track of his first album and is still relevant. Just think of it as Lennon’s splitsville anthem for the sensitive indie boy.

43) “Ticking” — Loud Lucy Christian Lane’s self professed “bubble-grunge” song, about marking time in the face of uncertainties of love, is a must-have.

42) “Freedom” — Wham! On the verge of breaking up and want to save your love but don’t know how? Give her this song and let her know that you don’t want your walking papers after all.

41) “Sorry Again” — Velocity Girl Break out your ringer tees, Buddy Holly specs and fave pair of Chuck Taylors for this legendary indie pop song about forgiveness.

40) “Strange” — Patsy Cline She had man trouble like you wouldn’t believe. If you can relate, then download this song for some kinship with one of music’s elite.

39) “Neon Skies” — The Mike Officer Band Southern funk-rock delivers the perfect coping mechanism for that nearly defunct relationship. It lives in this soulful uptempo tribute to love falling apart.

38) “Break Me” — Lemonheads Cry yourself to sleep listening to Evan Dando’s gorgeous voice on this painfully beautiful indie rock track.

37) “These Arms of Mine” — Otis Redding How anyone can hear this song and still manage to get out bed and function correctly is beyond me. It’s THAT sad.

36) “No One’s Gonna Love You” — Band of Horses Picture it: Your eyes are filled with tears, your nose is running and in your hand is the last love letter that he/she wrote you. If and when that moment comes, this is the song that should be playing in the background.

35) “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” — Jeff Buckley Listening to Buckley’s voice elicits a feeling of yearning like no other. Get all the empathy you need as this greatly missed singer takes you on a one-way trip to pain central.

34) “Rock My Boat” — Dntel Losing the one you love is like drifting aimlessly into unfamiliar territory. This slow, electronic ballad explores emotional meandering brilliantly. 33) “Seasick, Yet Still Docked” — Morrissey The first time I heard this song I was 16. I was secretly crushing on my best friend even though he liked someone else. Sometimes the saddest moments still deserve a good soundtrack.


32) “Every Floor Is a Dance Floor” — Panache Electropop’s hottest new group informs you that you can get your dance on anywhere you want because da club is merely a state of mind.

31) “Comfy in Nautica” — Panda Bear When the first note of this song hits your ears, you’ll swear you’re trapped in some otherworldly dimension crafted by Wes Anderson or someone else with an affection for triumphant and quirky music.

30) “Chain Gang” — Publicist feat. Ian Svenonius The former frontman for the Make-Up bros up with Sebastian Thomson (of Trans Am fame) on this CRAZY electro funk single.

29) “Lost Coastlines” — Okkervil River Like the Jam but not as dated, this track has the bop-your-head fun of “A Town Called Malice” but with fewer calories.

28) “Temporarily in Love” — Buck 65 Long live one-night stands! The Canadian superstar raps about the casual hook up with humor and a jazzy flair.

27) “Milk Rock” (Cornelius remix) — Takako Minekawa Listening to Minekawa’s music is like getting a heaping dose of Sonic Youth, the Boredoms, Yoko Ono and Cibo Matto rolled into one.

26) “Highways of Gold” — Jaguar Love Loud screeching and wailing from lead singer Johnny Whitney is, well, worth its weight in gold. Play this one when you need a fast pick-me-up.

25) “Head Dress” — Amazing Baby New York City’s latest find managed to get major airplay on L.A. radio without a record deal. The band is eyeing success with this psychedelic track reminiscent of Kula Shaker.

24) “Candy Song” — Tuscadero Candy as an allegory for loving someone? Sure, I’ll buy that.

23) “World Cup Fever” — Air Miami I like to play this while mentally picturing a shirtless David Beckham cleaning my hardwood floors. Mmm … soccer.

22) “The Rollerblade Song” — Pram Touchers Imagine early Beastie Boys crossed with the Streets. Now fuse that with a musical catalogue that would make a porn star blush, and, well, you get the picture.

21) “Do I Look Like a Slut?” — Avenue D Here’s a song that’s so dirty you’ll need to provide ID just to hear it. These ladies are brash yet creative with their words.

20) “Freddie’s Dead” — Curtis Mayfield If you’re not hip to this soul legend, then you better get crackin’. This guy was a genius, and his music is as deep as it gets.

19) “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” — Middle of the Road Novelty might be the first word that comes to mind with this song, but the percussion is not to be denied. Fingers crossed that it goes into rotation at a club in town, because it rocks.

18) “Power” — MC Paul Barman The two things I gained from my last major relationship are 20 pounds and a love of Nerdcore. Barman is the best damn dork rapper on the planet.

17) “Going the Distance” — Cake Whether you’re in the gym, at a party or road tripping, Cake’s unforgettable jam will certainly amp up the event.

16) “Get Money” — The Notorius B.I.G. feat. Junior M.A.F.I.A. Sometimes it’s better to let the music speak for itself. Biggie 4-ever!

15) “Spin Spin Sugar” (Armand Van Helden mix) — Sneaker Pimps This edgy and creepy club jam is audacious and awesome. It’ll leave you exhausted from dancing so hard!

14) “Cherchez LaGhost” — Ghostface Killah Ghetto life can really blow, as chronicled here. GFK’s rhymes never sounded better.

13) “Bonnie and Clyde” — Serge Gainsbourg feat. Brigitte Bardot As featured in Laurel Canyon, this is as dangerous and provocative as its subject matter. It may have been recorded in the ’60s but is just as clever as anything Justice or Mark Ronson are putting out.

12) “I Lust U” — Neon Neon Completely lacking in sentimentality, this one is a little too rich in monetary exchange to find itself in the Love section. Still, it’s got a good beat and a decidedly Human League vibe to it.

11) “Glitter Pills” — Health Get your house party hopping with this massive beat-fest. Electroclash may be so eight years ago, but Health celebrates the movement with heat and lots of it.

10) “Farmer John” — The Premiers If you love ’60s beats, white belts and ankle boots, then you’ll love this tune.

9) “Secret Agent Man” — Agent Orange Ladies and gents, meet the greatest cover of a television theme song – ever! These West Coast rockers serve up the surf punk with gusto.

8) “Sioux City Sue” — Slim Whitman One of the most underrated talents of his genre and generation, Whitman’s yodeling and down home, good-natured music is vastly underappreciated.

7) “Career Choice” — Ben Lee I have a bone to pick with Lee for never playing this at shows. It’s a remarkable song about finding what you love to do and doing it forever.

6) “These Little Monkeys” — Jonathan Fire*Eater The genius of singer/lyricist Stewart Lupton is a wonder to behold. When this mod rock standard comes roaring through your headphones like a freight train, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5) “Je Vieux Te Voir” — Yelle Vive la France! Europe’s brightest new export tears up the dance scene with a poppy and electrifying toe-tapper.

4) “City Song” — Luscious Jackson It’s surprising that this isn’t played in more clubs, because it’s a cold-blooded party anthem. Grab your crew and dance.

3) “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss” — Yoko Ono feat. Peaches You won’t know a good time until you’ve been on the dance floor during this song. She may be old enough to be your grandma, but Ono can still throw down.

2) “No Ordinary Caveman” — Head Like a Kite Maestro Dave Einmo gives a bit, fat “Now what!” to his listeners with this trip hoppy track chock full of yummy loops.

1) “Never Gonna Sleep” — Free Kitten Kim Gordon takes the crown and reigns supreme. Her vocals are so insane, she’ll give fans a reason to fear the sandman.