“Inspecting Carol” is a quick two hours of a cast of a dozen actors working very hard to get laughs but not coming up with many. This satirical look at a community theater’s struggle to mount their annual production of “A Christmas Carol” despite bankruptcy and an impending loss of their yearly NEA grant should have been full of fun. It isn’t.

The company is entrenched in inner struggles as Larry Vauxhall (Larry Eisenberg), who plays Scrooge, wants to change the ending. This and a dozen other glitches throw the rehearsals into chaos. Murphy’s Law reigns as the group attempts to prepare to impress a visiting NEA representative who’s coming to see if the company is worthy of getting their grant.

Most of the performances are too over the top. The actors choose not to play off each other, opting for individualistic delivery. The result is an ensemble that never really meshes into a coherent unit.

Jokes that depend on together timing sink and die with only a snicker. The Group Rep has a hefty clunker on its hands.

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