"With a name like Proops, he’s got to be good." Comedian Greg Proops is so damn funny and you will be guffawing so hard that you’ll miss his next line after falling off your chair. After all, comedy is about timing and he just can’t wait for everyone to pick their stomachs up off the floor.

Our first encounter with Proops was on "Whose Line is it Anyway?" the insanely crazy, knock-your-socks-off-funniest show to appear on television, hosted by Drew Carey. But Proops stands on his own when it comes to a sidesplitting solo comedy stint or hosting a television show.

Work and life can sometimes sap away your humor. Seeing Proops live is the best way to let go of your day, and put your funny bone to the test. Take tissues, the kind you need when you laugh so hard you cry.

Greg Proops will be performing March 25 at the Rove Theater in Anaheim, March 26at Largo in Hollywood, and March 29 at the Improv in Hollywood. For more info, go to www.proopdog.com or www.gregproops.com.