Many horror movies use a little comedy now and then to relieve the tension, so it’s not uncommon to have a laugh or two during a scary flick. At my screening for The Unborn, however, there were many audience chuckles that I’m sure the filmmakers didn’t intend.

For example, while star Odette Yustman is attractive (if a tad undernourished), there were too many slo-mo running scenes and slow turns. If I hear a scary noise coming from the bathroom, I’m going to jump, not just sensually and methodically turn around.

The premise does put its own twist on the horror movie cliché of a spirit caught between the worlds of the dead and living. The concoction of Nazi experimentation, Jewish mysticism, twin mythology and the afterlife make for an intriguing recipe. Too much straight-to-DVD dialogue and camerawork give the resulting creation more cheese than intrigue though. That being said, the last act of the movie is solid. The fake scares and manipulated tension are traded for genuine suspense and emotions.

And not once do I remember anyone laughing in the last act. I wish there hadn’t been so many hecklers in the audience since I’m someone who’s willing to suspend disbelief for a couple hours to be entertained, and I kept getting distracted.

The grade below is subject to change once I watch the movie by myself someday.

Grade: B-

The Unborn is currently in theaters.