While not exactly a household name, Greyboy (real name: Andreas Stevens) has had a modicum of success with his fluid mix of hip-hop, jazz and soul; he’s DJ’d around the world and had his music placed in the film Get Shorty, “Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer” video game and in Budweiser commercials.

He claims to be the first American producer to mix instrumental hip-hop with jazz; I’m sure there are many artists who would argue with that, but for a fan listening to the beats-and-sax romp of “Unwind Your Mind,” it doesn’t really matter. Greyboy clearly knows how to tap a groove.

Greyboy’s beats motivate the feet while a variety of jazz styles feed the head; “Ruffneck Jazz” is an exercise in avant-garde free-styling, “Grey’s Groove” is flute powered and “Mastered the Art” is percussion heavy and Latin flavored. Greyboy is at his best with the instrumentals, but there are also plenty of vocal numbers here including the hip-hop “Hold Your Weight” featuring AG and the funky soul strut of “Got To Be a Love” with Sharon Jones and Quantic.

Grade: A

15 Years of West Coast Cool is currently available.