Are you tired of having to decide whether to charge your iPhone or your iPod? Well, then the i.Sound Twin Charger may just be the thing for you.

The Twin Charger offers a sleek design that offers a thin, illuminated charging base for most iPods and the iPhone. The dual slot system allows multiple Apple device households to charge at the same time, plus the charger comes with adaptors for each different supported device.

One major problem with the Twin Charger is that the slot feels like it doesn’t hold the device in place that firmly, lining clumsy users up for potential disasters. The charger also comes with only one adaptor for each type of device, so if you and your roommate both have the same device, only one of you will have the proper adaptor. The two-foot long cord is also an annoyance.

Perhaps the biggest turnoff, however, is the $40 average price. Granted, most iPod/iPhone accessories are grossly overpriced, but this seems like a lot to pay for a charger for devices that can charge through USB. Still, the sleek design and soft LED lighting do add a decorative touch that some may find worth the cost.

Grade: B-

i.Sound Twin Charger is currently available.