Of all the completely useless forwarded e-mails I was inundated with my freshman year of undergrad (including one detailing the correct urinal to use in relation to which are already occupied), being somewhat sheltered, it was the severely graphic one about taboo sex moves that stuck with me.

I remember reading in shock all about the Dirty Sanchez, Houdini, the Eiffel Tower and, of course, the Donkey Punch. I have no idea how in depth I can be about it here, but I will say it ends with a harsh punch to the back of the woman’s head, intended to cause extreme sexual pleasure for the male but realistically nothing more than an urban legend, and a very dangerous move at that.

So what would happen if it accidentally killed your partner?

That’s the hook of Donkey Punch, a low budget British thriller that explores the idea on the confines of a gorgeous yacht, anchored off the coast of Spain. The players are three women on vacation (Sian Breckin, Nichola Burley, Jaime Winstone) ready to let loose, and four men (Robert Boulter, Tom Burke, Julian Morris, Jay Taylor) who are sailors and in charge of the boat for the weekend.

All of the above are young and attractive types, and the whole thing starts as good clean fun until the tragic orgy occurs. With guilt and fear of repercussion in the mix, suddenly “the right thing” isn’t a black and white issue, and the clean-cut kids are fighting each other for their lives.

The characters really are at the service of the gimmick here, set up so hastily the film just can’t wait to get to the Punch. Although the inevitable centerpiece sex scene delivers on titillation and shock, what follows is somewhat limited in scope and predictable in result.

The fun of it – if you call a movie like this fun – is watching the tightly plotted scenes roll out like dominos falling, all girls and boys devolving until there’s a nary a glimmer of humanity left. You’re not seeing anything new here (though one particularly goon-like but menacing character played by Tom Burke cuts through as a worthwhile creation), but you’ll get the thrills and chills you’d hope for in a taut 90 minutes.

Grade: C

Donkey Punch releases in select theaters Jan. 23.