The first time I saw Dov Davidoff perform his brand of tell-it-like-it-is comedy, I remember he was funny. But I remember him mostly because he didn’t look like a guy who would be performing in a comedy club, but a guy who might be in another type of club, where there’s dancing and DJs.

Providing his own solutions to life’s annoying problems while confiding with the audience that he doesn’t know why he himself, or the people he meets, do the things they do makes him real and funny.

Ironically, one of his funniest segments of the show came when he talked about how uncomfortable it is for him being in that other type of club and how he doesn’t want to still be that guy in a few more years.

In a perfect world, in the next few years Davidoff will continue doing comedy, and more people will be fortunate to know whom he is.