If you like funny musical theater AND naked people, then “Hangin’ Out” is the musical revue for you. The creator of “Naked Boys Singing” presents what could almost be a sequel called “Naked Boys and Girls Singing.”

“Hangin’ Out” is a celebration of the naked body without being too exploitative. The actors perform a variety of songs about nudity and its coinciding emotions and desires. Nudity is still taboo in America, and “Hangin’ Out” comically examines this stigma by saying we should be proud of our natural state, not embarrassed.

I enjoyed the more comical numbers than the more earnest ones (Though there were only a few of those.). I’m not sure whether that says more about me or the writing that the masturbation pieces amused me more. Besides, how often are you able to see ejaculation and cunnilingus expressed through song and dance by naked performers?

Macha Theatre is located at 1107 N. Kings Rd., West Hollywood. For more information, visit machatheatre.org.