Three, two, one … Happy New Year! This is your year to be on top, a fresh start. Get that great job, lose 20 pounds or quit smoking. Whatever your resolutions, we all share a common goal: become a better person.

However, easier said than done. Haven’t we made these same resolutions year after year with no resolution? Just writing down your hopes and dreams do not instantly transform them into reality. Therefore, I urge you to tear up and trash your resolutions list in order to achieve your goals for real.

I’m tossing resolutions out the window because that list sets you up for failure. Having these grandeur goals puts too much focus on perfection and adds unnecessary pressure on the clean slate of a new year.

Remember that though Jan. 1 was the dawn of a new year, it was also just another day and the same you, just more hype. Instead of waiting to make huge life changes come the New Year, pretend each day was a new year. New year’s resolutions focus on the end goal, like the target salary or weight, but not on the specific and realistic ways to reach your goals.

In my case, I wrote a contract to myself with my list of resolutions and agreed to abide by stated contract. A few days later I was reading over my list, and I just tossed it in the trash.

I realized that list kept me focused only on the end goals and not in the present. Making one mistake makes you want to give up and break your resolution, then you’re just back on the cycle of waiting ’til next year for another new year with the same set of resolutions. Therefore, you will just be stuck making the same list of resolutions year after year.

Resolutions are pointless. Instead, focus on improving your life in simple and realistic ways every moment, second, minute and day because the small changes lead to big ones.

Whether keeping that list or burning it works best, my main advice is to only focus on yourself and do what is best for you. I’m not trying to discourage anyone who’s made resolutions and imply you have no chance of reaching your goals. On the contrary, I want everyone to conquer all of his or her resolutions. I am a firm believer that anyone can achieve anything they dream of so long as they focus on themselves, not the goals.

So forget your resolutions and just live in the moment. The New Year symbolizes a new beginning, but also the pressure of improving year after year. Instead of resolutions I’ve made a list of don’ts to improve your day-to-day life.

1) Don’t compare yourself to others.

2) Don’t take to heart rude remarks or opinions, just ignore them.

3) Don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

4) Don’t be overconfident in your abilities, stay humble.

5) Don’t expect everything to be easy. Hard work is HARD.

At first, I thought I failed by tearing up my resolutions contract. Instead, this has already been the start of an amazing year because I’ve just been so focused on living in the moment. Therefore, Happy New Year and make a resolution to rid yourself of resolutions and enjoy living in the moment!

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