In Los Angeles, Japanese desserts like Imagawa-yaki are typically found at festivals and culture specific towns, à la Little Tokyo. But if you are not privy to traveling downtown or going to festivals, venture over to Beverly Hills to Fulfilled for a taste of these pastries.

Traditionally made with Azuki, a sweet, red bean, these are simmered to a paste, enveloped in a cake-like batter and cooked in a special pan. Owner Susumu Tsuchihashi’s take on the “Ima” offers you both the traditional pastry, while going an extra step into sweet and savory ingredients.

Tsuchihashi’s friendly and enthusiastic personality permeates the store, as he describes how he arrived at Beverly Hills for the flagship location: “I want to offer those who would typically not eat this unique snack and add a western twist to the experience.”

He developed his fusion flavor techniques in Tokyo and has now mastered his craft with impressive and innovative pairings of Ghirardelli chocolate, toffee and peanut butter (Harajuku Monkey), strawberry, cream cheese and white chocolate (the popular Karaoke Kitty) and chicken apple sausage, cheese and cilantro (Spicy Samurai).

Located on what seems to be a sweets-filled block with Pinkberry and Sprinkles Cupcakes two doors down, Fulfilled has no problems gathering a crowd. Since opening its doors three months ago, it has become a celebrity favorite visited by Paris Hilton and Tori Spelling, as well as catering star-studded parties like the MTV Movie Awards.

While the prices are to be expected for the location, $1.95-$2.95 each, the delicious pastries are justifiably reasonable. Just don’t risk a ticket stopping in front of the store; make sure to park in the free two-hour parking lot across the street.

For more information, call (310) 860-0776 or visit