While “Mystery Science Theater 3000” may no longer be television’s steadfast source of cinematic snark, its spirit is still alive and well on the Internet at rifftrax.com. At Rifftrax, the creative minds behind “MST3K” offer their unique color commentary in MP3 format to accompany much bigger budget films as well as short videos ripping apart forgotten educational films.

The Best of Rifftrax Shorts features nine horribly cheesy short films punctuated with that off-kilter “MST3K” wit. All of the shorts offer quite a few chuckles, but they are not really as funny as the heyday of “MST3K.” One of the shorts also introduces the somewhat creepy animated versions of the show’s voices, but it really doesn’t add as much as the snappy one-liners themselves do.

While this DVD is fun, the unaired short and the bonus songs aren’t enough to make this DVD a must-have, especially since the shorts are available online for a dollar each.

Grade: C

The Best of Rifftrax Shorts, Vol. One is currently available.