I got a lot done while writing this article. I stared at a syllabus, turned on my computer, checked out Facebook, wrote a little and had a snack. Now I’m back to writing and rewriting, and this time, I’m gonna finish!

This is how I diet; I know what I am supposed to eat but … Every diet sounds good, but actually sticking to it and only the foods prescribed is tough. This is why many of us never lose the freshman 15: we call it a diet, fill our heads with “should” and “shouldn’t” about eating and do a lot of bad stuff in between the good. With time and money tight and change hard, it’s been easier to complain.

Now, thanks to skinnymenow.com there is one less excuse to continue this destructive cycle. It’s worth clicking past the insecurity-inducing home page because once inside, the site’s guru, Marc Montemerlo, will serve as your virtual food and exercise coach to show you how to remake your body – and your views of it.

The eating plan is easy and relatively inexpensive to follow. But, what makes the site special are the downloadable videos in which Montemerlo serves as your personal trainer through six days a week of 40 minutes of aerobic work and 20 of strength training.

The food plan has three basic maxims: eat early, eat healthy and eat often.

Eat early. Mom was right: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

“You want to start off with fiber, oatmeal or a flaxseed cereal with omega 3. The diet offers users variations on theme so that eating does not become dull,” assures Montemerlo.

Eat often. To keep your metabolism revved up, you’re to eat a combination of carbohydrates and protein every three hours.

“But you don’t allow sugar,” I whined when I spoke with Montemerlo after an exercise class.

“No, it’s not. But giving up sugar is only hard at first,” Montemerlo assures me as I exhibit delirium tremors at the mere thought of a day without my love. “Sugar begets sugar. So reduce the amount eaten, and the cravings will be reduced. Go for fruit, this will stop the sugar craving and stabilize the metabolism.”

I look a bit skeptical.

“If you eat every three hours your blood sugar will remain stable and you will be able to refrain from diving for the cookie jar,” Montemerlo promises.

Finally, Montemerlo insists people hydrate.

“Water is so important because it keeps the body hydrated at all times thus allowing it to function at optimal levels,” says Montemerlo as I unsuccessfully try to hide my Jamba Juice. “Water cleanses the body which is approximately 70 percent water. If you need some flavor, add lemon to your water. Do not drink flavored water, even if it is calorie free. Their sweetness comes from artificial flavoring and those whet the sugar appetite as much as sugar itself.”

He is one to talk; Montemerlo’s site photos are not airbrushed, the chiseled musculature is just as obvious in person. He has worked as a Reebok master trainer and as a training officer for the South African Defense force in his native South Africa.

Since establishing himself stateside more than 17 years ago, he has trained bold-faced names that he refuses to identify. He is clearly qualified to be the pain in my posterior.

I vow to download all of the menus and the workouts on to my iPhone so that I can carry my personal health guru around. With Marc Montemerlo in my pocket, I may actually have the tools, not just diet, to adjust my whole lifestyle … once exams are over.