Although many may know the great legacy of the Super Bowl, not many people know the great legacy of the Casting Office and its presence on the Cahuenga Pass. For over 30 years, it was the quintessential dive bar to make the rounds at until their lease expired in 2007.

A year went by while owner Teena Iversen sought a new home for her treasure. She found a home just half a mile north at the spot where Ice used to dominate and create problems.

From dive bar to sophisticated cowboy-themed bar and grill, the Casting Office offers everything a casual barfly would enjoy: great drink selection, excellent and varied menu and a great atmosphere to indulge in the two.

The menu isn’t your normal greasy, stale chicken strips and fries. No, at the Casting Office there are former Wolfgang Puck chefs at work. Sure, the typical chicken strips, fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks show up, but they complement tasty dishes like the blackened chicken sandwich and custom made pizzas that vary by the day.

In addition to the eats, there is free Wi-Fi for the workaholics who need a beer with their lunch. There’s a smoking patio adjacent to the bar with excellent views of the 11 plasmas running all the time, the most dominating of which is the 60 inch at the center of the bar.

If that’s not enough, there’s a ping pong table for complimentary games. Come to a spot where lovely bartenders like Kristen Lynn, Amber Haven and Nicole Malgarini serve your favorite drink with a smile.

If your Super Bowl plans aren’t concrete, fancy your choice the Casting Office. On Super Bowl Sunday, select complimentary appetizers will be up for grabs just like the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

For more information, call (323) 851-4300 or visit