This is the first time out for Israeli producer Guy J, and he says he didn’t set out to write an album; rather he wrote songs in different styles when the mood hit him. That makes Esperanza very interesting to listen to, but it may throw some listeners who are expecting the entire effort to be throbbing house music.

“Indigo Fields” has an exotic flavor that distinguishes it as the work of an international artist, and no doubt the song could easily pack dance floors from Mumbai to Dubai. “Nebula” too is a house-shaker built around a “Pong” riff that sounds like it might have been created using a vintage Casio.

Other tracks fool around even more with textures. “Mikro” dribbles experimental sounds over a handclap beat, and “Geko” uses layers of synth for both its melody and its rhythm. That ilk is stretched a bit farther for “2 Steps” and “7 Steps” as Guy J lets the dance floor cool down a bit in favor of Tangerine Dream-style soundscaping.

Grade: B

Esperanza is currently available.