Best known for the kind of noise and commotion they can muster – much like the country of the same name – Iran, the band, release their third LP, Dissolver.

On their new album, Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio) and Aaron Aites (producer/director of the Norwegian black metal documentary Until the Light Takes Us) have created a type of sound that, at first listen, has you thinking you’re better off listening to the static on the radio. But once you really get into tracks like “Airport ’79” and “Can I Feel What?” you feel drawn to the noise.

When listening to this band, it’s recommended to tread carefully. Listen to it in a dark corner, swaying to the melodies, with the volume on low. Or play it with the loudest speakers you can find, while lost in a haze of alcohol.

Regardless of your method, remember to have some aspirin nearby. Just in case.  

Grade: C

Dissolver is currently available.