In the shadow of the enormous empire that is Sony Pictures Studios lies a dive bar with class, a hole in the wall that has been discovered. Backstage Bar & Grill, located in the heart of Culver City, is an interesting conundrum.

The place is clean, yet possesses that slightly unkempt charm that keeps it from being too posh. The drinks are cheap, but the variety and strength is admirable. The place even has its own house brew, the Backstage Pale Ale, and at only four bucks for a pint, this guy is worth indulging in.

Hell, even if you’re a cheapskate, bum or just unemployed, Backstage offers up $2 cans of the glorious Pabst Blue Ribbon. Plus, PBR always supplies the great opener that goes like this, “Hey baby, I’ll bet you don’t know what beer was voted America’s best in 1893…”

What we have with Backstage is the best of pretty much all worlds. The kitchen doesn’t use microwaves or refrigerators. As such, the bar food is tastefully and shockingly fresh. Try the garlic fries and thank me later, just be sure to pack some extra Altoids.

Those who want to experience some of the most authentic, rowdy and altogether outrageous karaoke action, look no further. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Backstage is packed to the brim with a young crowd of karaoke all-stars. Be sure to sign up early, as the lineup gets packed well before you garnish the requisite thick alcohol buzz needed to hit all the high notes in Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.”

Even the girls are legitimately attractive, well most of ’em at least. Letting yourself go on the microphone here at Backstage is akin to the mating call of the snow leopard and, as such, choose your songs wisely and the women respond appropriately.

Get drunk, sing songs and eat great food. Can you really ask for more in life?

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