Skeletons come out of the closet and the ground in Martin McDonagh’s “A Skull in Connemara.”

Mick Dowd (a powerful Morlan Higgins) is a gravedigger trying to bury his past. Rumors swirl about Dowd and the circumstances of his wife’s death. Then, the gravedigger is assigned the unpleasant task of digging up her corpse.

It’s macabre subject matter for a comedy, but the play tickles the funny bone, largely due to the talented cast. Higgins, Jeff Kerr McGivney and Jenny O’Hara are amazing.

Director Stuart Rogers proves that a small theater can put on a big show. Every detail of the production is pure perfection – props, costumes and music; special praise must be lauded on set designer Jeff McLaughlin. The stage transforms from a ramshackle Irish cottage into a chilly cemetery, replete with piles and piles of freshly dug dirt.

“A Skull in Connemara” is a freekin’ good time.

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