Need a cheap date for Valentine’s Day? Watching Harold and Maude projected on a giant screen from your car at a day-of-love-special screening atop a Fourth Street parking garage is the best way to say how you feel. Mostly, because Harold and Maude (1971) says a bunch of different things, all of which are pretty existential; leaving it open to be custom tailored to your emotional state.

If you’re in love, then Harold and Maude is a love story about beating the odds and finding true love in the weirdest places. If you’re single and bitter, then it becomes an appreciation of both characters’ dry sarcasm and one’s self-deprecation.

Single and “loving it” people will probably see Maude as a role model – one badass old lady who sticks to her guns and doesn’t take crap from anyone. And, finally, if Saturday is your first horribly awkward and cliché date, then you will be able to relate to the uncomfortable sexual tension on the screen.

Every relationship is a Harold and Maude situation, and that’s what makes Angel City Drive In want to do a special edition of their usually-summer outdoor events to screen it for lovebirds and lovehaters everywhere – it’s the ultimate Los Angeles Valentine’s Day.

The ACDI is known for being more than a normal drive-in experience and with people picnicking on Astroturf and the Angel City Derby Girls skating around with food orders, the Downtown screenings were always a summer highlight.

Back in session for this Saturday only (well, until their spring schedule starts next month), the ACDI is Valentine’s Day Headquarters where people of all places in their lives can reflect on their own meanings of love and corporate holidays. And at only $10 per car, it’s OK to be a cheap date. 6:30 p.m.

Angel City Drive In is located at 240 W. 4th St, Los Angeles. For more information, visit