With the Southern charm of a corn-fed country boy, opening act William Elliott Whitmore opted to start the night – wait, he’s from Iowa? Isn’t that, like, the Midwest? One would swear that Whitmore was plucked from the founding days of Southern blues, turning a venue full of indie kids who had likely never heard his name before into his own revival meeting. Bringing an infectious, hand-clapping anthemic quality to his soulful brand of acoustic guitar rock, Whitmore’s evocative vocals would be hard-pressed to find a listener they couldn’t strike an emotional chord with.

For headliner Dallas Green of City and Colour, however, the artistry of his songs was more in the words themselves rather than in their mode of delivery. Not to say he’s lacking in emotive ability, rather the soft-spoken (but always quick-witted) Green kept listeners hanging on every word in anticipation of the aural picture they’d paint.