As any connoisseur will tell you, there are many key ingredients that comprise the taste and texture of a fine delicacy. The alt-country group Golden Boots’ The Winter of Our Discotheque is a similar composition.

Although able to stand alone as a compelling original, Winter is made up of subtle hints of singers like Beck and Neil Young, coupled with the playful undertones of trailblazers like the Beta Band, Sloan and the Beatles. When these exciting notes come together, the end result is not just tasty, it’s outright delicious.

Tracks like “Heatwave” and “Easy Lie” (or as I like to call it, “a percussion-lover’s Shangri-La”) are so fantastically engaging, you might just find yourself cranking up the stereo and royally cheesing off the neighbors. There are also subtler offerings (like “Knife”) that are perfect for Sunday brunch or rainy days.

Grade: A

The Winter of Our Discotheque is currently available.