The Platinum Pied Pipers have shortened their name to PPP, but the production team of Waajeed and Saadiq hasn’t skimped on the sound one single bit on the aptly titled Abundance. The pair has enlisted Coultrain (a.k.a. Seymour Liberty) to sing and help with the music, and along with three female vocalists (Karma Stewart, Jamila Raegan and Neco Redd), the aggregation manages the most interesting mash-up of rock, funk and hip-hop since Sly & the Family Stone.

The similarity to Sly’s work is especially noticeable on “Angel” and “Smoking Mirrors;” both songs are funky masterpieces that embellish the vocals with backgrounds full of lurking organ, kinky synth riffs and a few “Na na na’s” that recall the ’70s. “On a Cloud” is a slice of Memphis soul with an Amy Winehouse-meets-Aretha Franklin vocal, while “Luv Affair” is a sure-fire hit that would make Prince envious. There are a couple of cuts among the 15 here that are merely good, but most are drop-dead stunning.

Grade: A

Abundance is currently available.