Lead us not into temptation … Oh forget it! That’s exactly what we’re trying to do, entice you, lure you, tempt you to come along with us and visit the sights, smells, sounds of a mega-nightlife and a chance to try something new.

Sure, there’s an 8-ball on the roof making you think this spot is just a sports bar, but Mo’s Place in Playa del Rey is much more than that. A treasure trove of fantastic food and one of the best, most friendly sports bar around, Mo’s Place is run by Mo Krant, a class-act gentleman dedicated not only to this wonderful venue for almost 12 years, but to his family, the community and charitable contributions.

Upon first entering Mo’s, you’ll probably notice the 10 TV monitors, four pool tables, video and pinball machines and a large open bar. Then it’ll strike you that the upscale, friendly clientele are chomping down on the most marvelous looking food – not standard bar fare.

Mo insists on incredible food and hearty portions at great prices. Enjoy hamburgers, steaks, fish, sandwiches, daily specials and "Super Italian Thursdays." The salads are enormous and served in a trough, with the Chinese Chicken Salad being one of the best in L.A.

Everyone at Mo’s is determined to have a good time – you’d know that by simply looking at the staff. From bartenders to servers to cooks, every one of them has been with Mo for years and years, happy to work for him and his establishment.

Mo’s Place always seems like an event waiting to happen. For example, the locals stuff themselves into this place for Monday Night Football where they eat sensational food and whoop it up. There is also special menu, as the crowd asks weekly, "What will Mo do?" Mo, with his ever-present craziness and sense of humor, keeps everyone wondering what he’ll show up dressed as, what wacky things he’ll do, or what practical jokes he’ll crack.

This place is always busy, but for Monday nights you may need to practice your best forward-tackling moves to get through the door. There is a huge raffle after the game as Mo gives away lots of prizes, with everyone leaving happy and satisfied. All this, and it’s only Monday!

Mo’s also features pay-per-view Saturday college games – the ones you can’t see elsewhere. On Sundays during the NFL season, the place opens at 9:30 a.m. and every NFL game is shown here. In addition, their huge breakfasts on Saturdays and Sundays are known to be the best in town.

Mo Krant is an extraordinary individual with another passion – charity. He co-sponsors Rod’s Day, a three-day community event to help raise money for children’s cancer treatments for the John Wayne Cancer Center, for which he’s helped raise over a million dollars.

On the Thursday night of Rod’s Day, Mo gives away free food at his restaurant. People buy drinks and raffle tickets, along with a fundraising car wash and games to win prizes. The whole city gets involved and all proceeds go to the cancer center.

Mo’s Place is located at 203 Culver Blvd. in Playa del Rey, (310) 822-6422.