Twitter seems to be the rage as of late. I wasn’t able to Twitter Fucked Up’s performance at the Echoplex, but if I did…

1) Mark it down: Fucked Up is the best band from Canada. I’m sorry, Win Butler.

2) Fucked Up is an inspiring band to watch live. I want them to play at my wedding. Well, when I get married.

3) I’m really glad I didn’t bring my mother to the show tonight. The mosh pit was a bit too dangerous.

4) Singer Pink Eyes is a straight up “manimal.” He mentioned that he ate two Oki Dogs before the show. Pastrami!

5) Everything played from The Chemistry of Common Life ripped, especially “Son the Father.” No need for the flute solo.

6) Fucked Up’s trio of guitars > Broken Social Scene’s trio of guitars.

7) I always see Keith Morris everywhere. He and the band nearly imploded the Echoplex with a cover of Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown.”

8) Just walked out of the show amidst some downpour. I’m glad that I’m still intact. Ooh taco truck! Great night!