To a generation who lives by the mantra “Hakuna Matata – Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” it’s hard to find comfort in the phrase “Misery loves company.” Authors Lia Romeo and Nick Romeo have compiled an extensive, ingenious and very relevant list of anxiety/angst provoking situations in their cleverly satirical book 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About.

Every reader is guaranteed to find at least one item that resonates with such a wide range of problems, including both personal and more global ones. When first glancing through the book, many things to be miserable about quickly jumped off the pages, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The usual ones, such as death and taxes were obvious; but the more creative, all-pervasive ones include: student loans, Monday mornings, gossip, “being just friends,” spam (the e-mail), Spam (the processed meat product), your favorite singer getting booted off “American Idol,” the college admissions process, roommates and the list goes on and on, just to name a few of our least favorite things.

In a world where we should typically dwell on the little things and pleasures that make us happy, and not “sweat the small stuff,” here is a unique twist – a chance to see collectively that we are not alone in our misery, that life at times sucks, and this too shall pass.

For a humorous look and laugh at what ails you (and the world), this book brings a wry sense of cathartic comfort and companionship.

Grade: B

11,002 Things to Be Miserable About is currently available.