Oh my Godology. The title is catchy, as is the neon green paperback binding. But as far as a good read goes, this book would not qualify.

Godology is a collection of ramblings by author Christian George. Each chapter is centered on how God relates to us, his minion people. The book’s main objective is to preach obedience to God by recounting His hand in everything on earth as well as how the Bible tells us so.

Like a sermon that never ends, Godology feels longer, stretching the patience of the reader to breaking point. George writes beautifully, but he cannot seem to make any kind of point. Metaphor after metaphor, analogy after analogy plague the text so that, by the end, George has gone as far as to relate God to chocolate, a saxophone player and a ninja to name a few.

Though earnest and sincere, George’s short anecdotes about his own life as a Christian fail to provide the intended personal insight. From the first chapter, the narrative is erratic and repetitive, lulling the reader into a trance that is only intensified by the tedious descriptions of God and Christianity.

Books on religion can be fascinating when done well. However, Godology accomplishes little by its closing pages.


Grade: C

Godology is currently available.