Everyone who is anyone has a Facebook page in today’s world.

As we all know, Facebook is not just a place where you can catch up with your friends from everywhere and “publicly” discuss your crazy night. Your Facebook profile is now your public image that more and more employers use to make decisions about hiring you.

These employers are getting sneaky too! I heard about a CEO that had his daughter “friend” his potential employee so he could look at his profile before hiring. With that said, you definitely need to think about what you’re posting to your Facebook account.

Howard Bragman, a well-known celebrity publicist and author of the newly released Where’s My Fifteen Minutes? Get Your Company, Your Cause, or Yourself the Recognition you Deserve, has all the right answers for creating your own public image.

Facebook is now your digital resume and you need to know that the image you present is what will stick. In Bragman’s book, he has the Ten Commandments of PR, which are keys for everyone.

Commandment 2 is “Perception is Reality” where Bragman discusses the importance of image: “The first images remain the most powerful, and perceptions and attitudes will evolve from that image.”

With Facebook, you are creating a brand – yourself. You may present it any way you want, but remember that your profile is your new public image. It’s an image that will either push you ahead or will hold you back … your call.