“Minsky’s” is a Depression-era musical comedy about a struggling burlesque director who falls in love with the daughter of the politician who’s trying to shut him down for indecency. Beyond being a refreshing and inspiring theatrical experience full of scantily clad dancers and endless fun numbers, what makes this musical comedy most engaging is its contextual relevance to the current national economic toilet we find ourselves being flushed down. “Terrible is a great place to start,” Billy Minsky tells his songwriter in the beginning of the play, “You can only go up.”

“Minsky’s” puts our current plight into context and makes one realize that a depression doesn’t necessarily have to be depressing. There is hope in escapism, but also, as they sing in the last number, there is hope in the natural flux of life’s tides: “Nothing lasts forever, so you better enjoy today. The world will change like it always does.”

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