Pick up any issue of Playboy and it’s easy to see, sushi is popular!

Wait … that came out wrong.

What I mean is, just like long walks on the beach and nights cuddling in front of a fire, there are very few “Turn on” or “Fave” Lists that don’t include sushi. Ask any malnourished celebutante and they’ll tell you, their one edible must-have is a Spicy Tuna Handroll (hold the rice) from the sushi mecca du jour. In a town of fickle mouths (Where have all the Noah’s Bagels gone? To Carb Hell? Is Jamba next?), sushi is our one mainstay – and these are your best cheap bets in Los Angeles.

Just remember, don’t eat the big pile of green stuff next to the pink pickled ginger, it BURNS!!! (Don’t act like you haven’t done it before. It may be a rookie move, but it’s a rookie move 99 percent of the population accidentally inflicts on themselves.)

Sometimes you get a craving so overwhelming it hits you like a Mack Truck. If such a need strikes as your pockets are a little thin, Sushi Mac (8474 W. 3rd St.,?Ste. 106, ?Los Angeles) is the truck stop for you. At $2.75 per plate, no one has to wait for the 15th of the month to enjoy a couple of Dynamite Rolls.

The biggest problem with this place is you tend to leave smelling like a shrimp tempura roll … which is delish, by the way, especially when you self serve some spicy mayo from the conveyor belt that circles offering sauces and menu options. Dunk your roll right in and ask yourself; is $2.75 sushi that scary? Perhaps, but scrumptious nonetheless.

Inside these sleek, Tokyo-style 7-Eleven stores is a shocking secret. Besides offering cheerily packaged Japanese candies and delectable grilled paninis, Famima!! (famima-usa.com) has an incredible sushi selection. Their nigiri, hand rolls and cut rolls are fresh, delicious and well prepared.

Don’t roll your eyes! If skeptical about the convenience store origins of your meal, open wide. One bite of a spicy shrimp cut roll and any reservations about Ralph’s quality flies out the window.

Plus, it’s grab-and-go. No muss, no fuss. Who doesn’t want high quality sushi they can jam in their mouth while speeding down Santa Monica Boulevard?

Sushi Time (8103 Beverly Blvd.,?Los Angeles): Inside, jazz floats around the dozen or so cozy tables, gossip rags are stacked high for solitary diners, a small TV sits atop the refrigerator offering serve-yourself beverages and Toshi, the sushi sensei behind the bar, is making quick work of the best albacore tuna sashimi you’ll have this side of $100 per person.

The fish is fresh and buttery, lightly seared just around the edges and topped with chopped scallion and a delicate miso vinaigrette. Their bento boxes, all priced under $15, are piled high with choices like chicken teriyaki, typical but delicious, and miso glazed black cod, sweet and smoky, and your choice of cut roll.

Toshi’s spicy tuna gives new meaning to a dish that has become so ubiquitous, it’s almost laughable, and the Udon the kitchen produces would bring Godzilla to his knees. Don’t be afraid of the hot pepper flakes they offer as an addition, they are miraculous. Meant to be slurped and enjoyed loudly, you don’t have much choice.

The noodles are thick and perfectly al dente, the broth is hearty and rich and, if you ask nicely, they’ll throw some tofu in as well. All for about $7.50. Best of all, there’s a Laundromat next door so you can fluff and fold while getting your grub on.