Can you imagine Primus gone hillbilly? Not unlike Primus singer Les Claypool, O’death frontman Greg Jamie has a squirrely voice that makes him sound like he’s one step away from the insane asylum at any given moment. And therein lays the O’death charm.

The band makes their music with a lineup of instruments fit for a bluegrass band but they don’t play bluegrass; instead the fiddle, acoustic guitar and banjo stomp, strut and whoop up a quirky, ADD-addled symphony that heightens Jamie’s about-to-crack persona. O’death’s hopped-up folk tunes are way beyond rural moonshine-and-weed wackiness; this stuff conjures images far scarier than anything that happened in the movie Deliverance.

Grade: A

Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin is currently available.