This Austin, Texas garage-psych rock quintet has a time capsule sound that melds Thirteenth Floor Elevators-styled mid-’60s garage rock, a glib ’90s rock stance and lyrics about LSD, jealousy, getting drunk, casual sex and other midnight revelries.

The Seeds-like “Drone of the Stone” and “Neil Diamond Blues” are well-versed, consciously derivative nuggets with deadpan vocals and classic fuzz guitars straight out of someone’s basement circa 1966. The Hawkwind-esque title track boasts a medicated recital and a galloping guitar drone worthy of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The dark rumination “Summer in the Shadows” is another drone-rock missive that is either three minutes too long or ends too soon, depending on whether you prefer brevity or anesthetized epics. Brisk “Space Bakin’,” kindled by a guitar/organ inclination, is actually a bustling UFO tale about absent friends.

Despite the sometimes-loopy lyrics, the Diagonals more often than not persevere, thanks to the fivesome’s penchant for keen melodies and no-nonsense six-string runs.

Grade: B

Valley of the Cyclops is currently available.