What top Californian destination is white and green and fun all over? I’ll give you a few hints: It has four Ms, it’s named after a prehistoric beast that shares the same DNA as Mr. Snuffleupagus and has been both a main summer and winter vacation spot since I was old enough to put one foot into a ski boot and the other into a hiking boot.

Welcome to Mammoth Mountain, not only one of the most comprehensive winter ski resorts in California, boasting a voluptuous peak of 11,053 feet and an average 400 inches of snowfall a year, but also a sultry summer hideout with over a hundred miles of mountain biking and hiking trails accessible by eye candy vista gazing gondola.

The Mammoth experience has so many aspects to it, perhaps it’s easiest to transmit its effervescent joy by way of pleasant moment montage: humming the James Bond theme song while skiing down one of the 150 trails, mouthing “swish, swish, swish” while carving fresh mogul powder on the face of chair 3 just above McCoy Station, soaking your tongue in a cold beer while your happily bruised body soaks in a hot tub in après-ski bliss at approximately 4:45 p.m., drinking a lazy Sunday Hot Toddy at the Tamarack Lodge before snowshoeing on the trails behind Twin Lakes, devouring the tastiest combination of eggs, potatoes, peppers and onions on a sizzling hot skillet at the local village eatery the Stove, being separated from the slopes by only a wall, two bindings and a few steps while staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn, situated a mere spitting distance from the central gondola and Main Lodge.

Located approximately five hours by car or one hour by plane from the sprawling metropolis we call Los Angeles, the duality of Mammoth Mountain is one of the reasons non-Californians flock to our gold-lined shores in droves. Come for the perpetual summer sun and stay for the winter wonderland.

In essence, Mammoth Mountain is as much California as the Eiffel Tower is Paris. So … Vive Mammoth Mountain!

For more information, visit mammothmountain.com.