Author and activist Father Daniel Berrigan details the events of his infamous court case in “The Trial of the Cantonsville Nine.”

The eponymous nine – Berrigan (Andrew E. Wheeler), his brother and fellow priest (Scott Harris) and seven Catholic activists (Chris Schultz, Cameron Dye, Corey G. Lovett, Patti Tippo, George Ketsios, Paige Lindsey White and Ethan Kogen) – walked into the selective service office in Cantonsville and burned the draft files for eligible enlisted men during the height of the Vietnam War (May, 1968).

The play explores the legal ramifications of the act of civil disobedience. Though there is some fine acting, the drama is dry. It’s more of a transcript than a play.

There is a lot of heavy exposition, which seemed to be annoying the judge (Adele Robbins) as much as the audience!

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