Green is a pianist from San Diego who’s participated in the California Brazil Camp for the past few years, and he’s adept at infusing his music with South American flair.

On “Baiao Pra Voce” Green’s rapid-paced piano melody dances to a Latin rhythm delicately tapped out by drummer Dylan Savage and percussionist Allan Phillips. The lengthy “Para Chano” is more subtle as it floats in and out of a Latin mood.

Green musically visits Europe too; his melodica playing mingles with Tripp Sprague’s sax work on the Mediterranean bounce of “Doctor Pasta,” a tune that could easily be turned into a reggae number should Green get an island urge. “Panic Nap” has a very continental vibe when Green again picks up the melodica, but the song’s complexion changes when he switches to the Rhodes organ and during brief but intense bass and drum solos.

Grade: B

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