Everyone in attendance awaited the show. Everyone seemed excited. And everyone went home happy after an electrifying performance.

This is what “Rent” offers its audiences at the Pantages Theatre.

Superb performances by the entire cast cultivated a stage of laughs, sighs, smiles, drama and a variety of songs. “Rent” deals with a group of struggling musicians and artists in New York who experience financial dilemmas and AIDS crises, among other things.

Directed by Michael Greif, “Rent” stars Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. However, the audience fell in love with what Angel Schunard, played by Justin Johnston, portrayed.

Angel represented both a man and a woman, and the rest of the cast indicated that Angel was indeed a drag queen. His performance was above par, and it flourished throughout the show.

The musical elicited a standing ovation after the finale. After all, the story and lyrics were astonishingly executed.

The Pantages Theatre is located at 6233 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. For more information, visit broadwayla.org.