Art Shulman just will not go away! The prolific author of this piece has had no less than four full-length plays produced in the San Fernando Valley in the past year. Add to that this, the second production of “Misconceptions,” and you have six Shulman opportunities.

“Misconceptions” is seven one act plays: “Beggars,” “The Hole,” “Measuring,” “Pigeons,” “Toys,” “Waitress,” “Discussion After the Play Reading” and “Graveside.”

The monologues fare better than the two and three-person plays here. “The Hole” and “Graveside” are the most touching thanks to Diane Frank’s finely measured performance in the former and despite author Shulman’s clunky delivery in the latter. Nancy Van Iderstine is full of life in an excellent turn as an actress-waitress in “Waitress.”

Frank and Morry Schorr do alright in “Toys,” but the rest of the plays are silly excursions. Director credits are divided among Shulman, Wynn Marlow, Kaz Matamura, Stan Mazin and Kristina Lloyd.

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