Eighteen games are left in the season for the 15-48 CLIPPERS, and 11 of them are away. This could be a good thing for the team since they’ve actually lost more games at home than on the road (25-23); four of their last five losses have been at Staples.

The Clippers lost their 30th game by a double-digit margin (the most in the league) March 4 against the 16-45 Grizzlies, 118-95. And despite rookie guard Eric Gordon returning from a shoulder injury to put up 35 points and six assists against his hometown team on Saturday, the Clips fell to the 28-37 Pacers 105-106.

The Clippers head to Denver (40-23) Saturday then face the 28-35 Nets at Staples Sunday. March 17, they’ll play the 21-42 Warriors in NorCal.

Coming back from a two-game losing streak, the 50-12 LAKERS put rookie O.J. Mayo – in his first game back in Los Angeles after leaving USC – and the Grizzlies in their place with a 99-89 victory at Staples March 3. On Friday, the squad picked up win No. 50 for the season against the 18-44 Timberwolves 110-90 also at Staples.

For the Lakers, only 9 of their remaining 20 games are at home. These road games are really going to test their mettle but will also enable them to prove that they are championship caliber.

They head to Texas to play Houston (40-23) tonight and San Antonio (42-20) tomorrow. They’ll come back and host the 38-25 Mavericks March 15 and 30-30 76ers March 17 at Staples.


Team: Lakers, No. 28; Position: Center; Years Pro: 4

Some know him as Didier Ilunga-Mbenga or simply as D.J. After his 10 points and five blocked shots against the T-Wolves Friday, including a huge block against Rodney Carney in the fourth quarter, it was definitely raining “Congo Cash” at Staples.

All stats as of March 9.