Oren Lavie maximizes his creativity. His multitasked career includes playwright, singer-songwriter, music video supervisor and theater director.

Lavie’s debut, The Opposite Side of the Sea, is a consummately constructed collection of acoustic-tinged, jazz- and pop-refined conceptions that evokes David Sylvian, Eric Matthews and Nick Drake. Lavie shares Sylvian’s smoky vocal timber and penchant for lulling instrumentation, crafts chamber-pop akin to Matthews’ work and pens somber poetics similar to Drake’s chilling endeavors.

Initial single “Her Morning Elegance,” sheathed by Fender Rhodes and strings, is the year’s best life-looking-for-epiphany epistle. Piano-pop piece “The Man Who Isn’t There” allies a sublime melody to noirish flourishes.

Dreams, lingering memories and melancholy desire drift through shadowy numbers such as “Ruby Rises,” “Locked in a Room” and the orchestral-pop title track. Throughout, Lavie visualizes a brooding, solitary world where light is covered by gray clouds and goodbyes outweigh hellos.

Check online for the whimsical stop-motion video for “Her Morning Elegance.”

The Opposite Side of the Sea is currently available.