All good things must change, if only just a little. The Groundlings try something different with this show – no improv segments and instead, they’ve added audience participation.

The funniest scenes involve the actors in uncomfortable situations, mostly in dating/flirting scenarios. One – of many – hilarious skit focuses on a job interview with under-qualified, over-excited and highly eccentric applicants. Another laugh-out-loud offering depicts a fashion runway-gone-wrong.

Though all the players are extremely talented, and it almost seems unfair to single any performers out, Annie Sertich, Edi Patterson and Charlotte Newhouse are exceptional this go-round. It’s the totally out-there, off-the-wall characters these women portray that keep me coming back for more. From the substance sniffing supposedly recovering addict to the awkward, sexually suggestive co-worker, the ladies morph into these outlandish individuals in a heartbeat, making you wonder just how quirky these women really are.

So I don’t sound biased, the male Groundlings are awesome as well.

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