Lovers of music, this world of paper-thin dorm walls and light-sleeping roommates is just not made for you. Sure, you could pick up some $20 headphones, but you will miss half of the experience. No, you need headphones as great as your love of the groove.

Two strong showings have come from Zagg, the makers of the illogically resilient Invisible Shield screen covers. While the Zagg Zaggphones may suffer from a silly name, the sound quality is amazingly crisp and rich. These headphones can be worn regularly but also swivel in any direction a DJ may need, plus they come with both a standard 3.5mm plug and an amp plug, making them equally useful for musicians.

Considering the impressive size of the Zaggphones, the in-ear Z-Buds seem laughable. Do not underestimate them.

These super-powerful earbuds offer immersive clarity and sound. Where other earbuds may be cheap tools to be used and disposed of, Z-Buds are for the music fan that does not want to be distracted by anything. That said, its price is also as high as its quality, but you have to decide what your priority is.

Another strong headphone for audiophiles with a less silly name is the Able Planet’s PS500MM headphone. This headset lacks the bulk and cushion size of the Zaggphones, but it makes up for it with Able Planet’s unique sound boosting technology.

By enhancing the middle tones, the headphones offer richer, naturally boosted sound that brings out so many hidden flavors in your favorite tunes. The PS500MM also offers a crystal clear microphone, making this an amazing headphone for gaming and Skype.