Attention! “The Question” is a must see. This full length, story driven theater piece danced entirely to a progressive rock score is done with such magnificent precision and beauty that anyone with an eye for theatricality and an ear for good modern music will love it.

The story concerns director J.T. Horenstein’s (soon to be seen in Fame) experience sitting on the jury of a murder trial. Kevin Stea and Jennifer Hamilton dance the leads, supported by 27 dancers, and each one plays a major part in the plot.  

Stea and Julius Rubio do an extremely clever, humorous “getting dressed” routine.

The music is by Inara George (the Bird and the Bee) with Jamie Cullum, Vampire Weekend, Sigur Rós, Feist, Death Cab for Cutie, the Faint and Korn. “The Question” benefits the Dance Fund and only runs for two more days, so drop everything and see it.

Ricardo Montalban Theatre is located at 1615 N. Vine St., Hollywood. For more information, visit