The City of Angels has a new chanteuse. The Long Lost is husband-wife team Alfred and Laura Darlington, and while Alfred (real name Alfred Weisberg-Roberts) is better known for his experimental electronica project, Daedelus, Laura takes center stage on the duo’s self-titled debut.

The Long Lost commingles the twosome’s classical music education (lots of strings, wind instruments and amiable arrangements), Alfred’s electro-acoustic melodies and Laura’s winsome voice and romantically riddled lyrics. The flute-filigreed “Past Perfect,” the oboe-latticed “Overmuch,” which asserts the sensuality of women with glasses, and the teenage remembrance “Ballroom Dance Club” are perforated with wistful seduction, Echo Park bohemia and Alfred’s flexible, understated instrumental eccentricities.

The Long Lost craft 21st century domestic lullabies, influenced by slight psychedelia and indie folk as well as nursery rhymes and sepia-toned reflections, and in the process intelligently reconnect relationship dramas to a modernist outlook. If Sandy Denny and Saint Etienne had ever worked together, this might be the result.

Grade: B

The Long Lost is currently available.