Remember the good ol’ days, back when we could kick off our shoes and blast our stereos, furiously strumming our fingers into air guitars? On their self-titled debut, quartet School Boy Humor sends us spiraling back on a nostalgic journey to the past – circa the turn of the century when pop punk bands like Blink 182 and Sum 41 dominated the airwaves. With 12 hook-heavy, ridiculously catchy tracks, School Boy Humor’s sound isn’t the newest to come out, though it is refreshing.

The in-your-face “Paint Me Envy” slaps the listener with not only a clever lyrical expertise, but risky vocals not of your average punk-guy group. Addicting electronic punk is complemented by unexpected harmonic maturity and power riffs – actual singing that is poppy but still drives the boys’ formulaic angst.

Very well, this could be revival of the punk band (fingers crossed!). And for the School Boys, that’s nothing to laugh about.

Grade: A-

School Boy Humor is currently available.