In this modern age of text messaging and IMs, where all you need to let others know about your whereabouts is to post it on Facebook or Twitter (a practice so common, even some U.S. Senators use it), face to face meetings seem to have lost their significance.

However, no matter how fun it is to assume an identity, real or imagined, and post online, certain things seem to be lacking. After all, humans are social animals and require personal contact. You know, a smiling face, a pat on the shoulder, and no, the smiley face characters do not count.

That is exactly what Jeanne Martinet argues in her new book, Life Is Friends. Martinet, who has written six books, including The Art of Mingling, provides the readers with pointers from her and her friends’ personal lives on how to connect to others in person. With chapters on play dates for adults, how to throw mixers, cocktail parties and have sleepovers, Martinet creates an (almost) easy way to find friends so that even those who are shy cannot hide anymore.

Life Is Friends is currently available.