“I like it when they don’t futz around with Shakespeare.”

That’s the first thing I said to my friend after we had finished seeing the Met Theatre/Dog Under the Olive Tree production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Under Louis Fantasia’s sure handed direction, this production is delivered as written and, despite just a couple of weak spots, is sure to please the genre’s aficionados.

The acting ensemble is generally terrific. Especially outstanding is Jill Holden as the yakkity Nurse, Michael Matthys, essaying a rather angry Mercutio and Niall Padden as Lord Capulet. Megan Goodchild and Frederik W. Hamel as the title couple, fare fairly well for themselves, but are outshined by the rest of the ensemble.  

The swordplay scenes carry the requisite amount of tension thanks to Brian Danner’s straight-laced choreography. All in all, we learn “don’t depend on your local clergyman to solve your love problems.”

The Met Theatre is located at 1089 N. Oxford Ave., Hollywood. For more information, visit themettheatre.com.